Video Marketing Automation for Attorneys

Streamline Your Social Media Strategy with Automated Video Creation

Why Attorney Feed

Saves time

Streamline video production, focusing more on your legal practice

Boosts engagement

Engage and grow your audience with compelling, targeted videos

Cost effective

Achieve professional quality without the high production costs


Customizable templates & local customization

Over 100 templates for legal pros, personalized with your city's news and events for community relevance.

Diverse voiceover options & brand integration

50+ voiceovers to match your brand, ensuring videos resonate with your firm’s identity and audience.

AI-powered content creation & automated scheduling

Generate and schedule engaging content effortlessly, leveraging AI for optimal posting times and audience engagement.

Performance analytics and insights

Access detailed analytics for strategic adjustments, enhancing video impact and audience connection

Flexible pricing plans

Flexible pricing plans

Tailored pricing for every legal practice, offering scalable solutions to meet your marketing goals without exceeding your budget.

Video Marketing Automation for Attorneys
Video Marketing Automation for Attorneys
Video Marketing Automation for Attorneys